Opened every day from 9:00 till 22:00, for reservations only

How long does the massage take?

You´ll chose your massage according to your time possibilities. In the time of the one hour´s or 90 minute´s massage the shower before and after the massage is included – ca. 10 minutes. When a 30 minutes´ massage is chosen the shower will not be included.

Is the masseuse during the massage naked?

Yes, she is. It depends on the choice of the massage when she takes the lingerie or her little outfit off.

Do you provide sexual services?

No, we don´t. Sexual or escort services are in the Prime Studio absolutely forbidden and we consider them as an offence of the saloon and the masseuses too.

Can I take a shower after the massage?

Naturally, the massage is for disposal of all the clients before and after the massage.

May I touch the masseuse?

Yes, of course. Touches during the massage are allowed, their intensity is controlled by the masseuse and it always depends on the mutual agreement. However, touching the masseuse´s private parts is not allowed.




“Ask for what you want and be ready to get it.”